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Givint TUesday 2021


We are hopeful that you can make a donation through our donate button here or through our Facebook fundraiser.  If you work for an employer that requires a receipt to provide a match for your donation, PLEASE use the donate button on this website.

Below is a high level update as to what has happened so far in 2021 BECAUSE OF YOU!

Please help us close out 2021 STRONG.  We can only help those that can't help themselves with your support.

With your friendship and support during 2021, the East Side Elves have already donated over $80,000 worth of support for our shelters, provide dog/cat food to various food banks and to tribal members of the San Carlos reservation, provided grants to rescues for assistance with boarding and vet fees, assisted support for community members that had small medical needs too.

A special thank you to our annual sponsors!  



You can also give directly!

We are an all volunteer based non-profit that provides comfort to our shelter animals in Maricopa County.

Join us in our mission!

Donate: eastsideelves@cox.net